The Hovering Game

"How to Change Helicopter Parenting Behaviour in Youth Sports"

While parents today love their children as much as any generation, they are also fearful for them — fear of harm, fear of failure and fear of not keeping up in today’s competitive world. These fears perpetuate helicopter parenting in all of us! Yes, we have all demonstrated some level of over-parenting behaviour. Or we know someone who has.

In The Hovering Game, you will learn how to —

·      Identify helicopter-parenting behaviours in yourself and others by taking the Hover Test.
·      Discover your “Aha” moment when you first crossed over to the “dark side.”
·      Find the balance between good parenting and over-parenting.
·      Follow 12 Steps to change your helicopter parenting ways.
·      Escape from the “Jones’s and beat The Hovering Game!
·      Strengthen your relationship and have more fun with your kids in their organized sports.

The relationship between you and your kids is important.  You want to sustain it long after their brief years in childhood. This book will lead you on a path to discovery, resolution and ultimately enjoyment.


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