Who is That Sideline Parent Coach?

Then there are those parents… You know the ones. The ones who yell out instructions to their kids from the bleachers. The ones who just can’t help themselves. How many different people need to tell the kid to “watch the tight end, he’s going deep” or “shoot the puck”? That’s what coaches are for, remember? But the issue persists. The self-proclaimed sideline parent coach.

If you are one, consider a few things:

1) You may be (and likely are) giving your son or daughter instructions that are completely opposite the coach’s direction. Who is your child supposed to listen to? This is not a family/parenting issue, this is a coaching issue.

2) They likely can’t hear you anyways, so why waste your time? Put yourself on the court in a volleyball match in a gym with two or more matches going on at the same time. You won’t hear much other than the continual cheering.

3) If your child does hear you, then you are one of the unfortunate ones. Because if they can hear you, so can everyone else, including their teammates. What you are doing is not cool, and you are fostering the behind-the-scenes talk about you and your child because of it.

So what should you do? Try this advice from the Golden State Warrior’s head coach Steve Kerr. He says it best.