How did this all happen?

My first blog post. It seems surreal to me. I never thought I would write a book, and I am not really the blogging type. While I am extroverted by nature, I am a private person. To me, blogging exposes you to a wide audience beyond friends and family, those who I don’t know. But at my age (I am in my late 50’s), I realize that I have nothing to apologize for. I am who I am, and I can live with that. I am at peace with putting myself out there to the public. But I also feel that over the years, I have gained enough wisdom and knowledge (and I am forever acquiring it) that I feel compelled to share. Share with those who wish to hear my stories, views and ideas. So welcome to my blog site. Any comments, ideas, thoughts or input is appreciated. I will do my best to respond when I can.