The Purpose of Life


The Meaning of Life

I recently came across a great quote from Pablo Picasso, it reads 

“THE MEANING OF LIFE is to find your gift. THE PURPOSE OF LIFE is to give it away.”

I’ve been thinking about this quote, reflecting on my life and the life of others who have influenced me and their community. I want to share with you some thoughts.

One of my brothers over many decades became a very successful businessman. He, like I, worked retail at all levels for many years. His “gift” is his ability to inspire and influence others to be the best they can be. He is an accomplished consultant and public speaker, but one of his gifts is teaching. For many years he has been teaching a course at a local university college to young, aspiring business students and future entrepreneurs in various marketing streams. I can tell by how he lights up when asked about teaching these students. His “purpose” is sharing his gift of business knowledge to the young and motivated.

Rick Hansen, Canada’s Man in Motion has been inspiring people around the world for over 25 years. Through his own personal adversity, he found a way to influence change in the way people look at disabilities, making the world more accessible and inclusive. He is also an accomplished speaker, who now spends most of his time travelling the world, spreading the word of access and inclusion. But I think his “gift” is how approachable he is. No matter where he goes he always makes time to have a brief chat or discussion with people who he barely knows (and often poses for photo ops). His “purpose” is to show leadership in his field through kindness and thoughtfulness towards others. Rick shares his gift of wisdom every day of his life. 

I have recently completed the club volleyball season as the head coach of one of our teams and though it was exhausting at times, it was truly gratifying. I love coaching, but I feel that my “gift” is my ability to influence change. You see, we often see things that are (by consensus) wrong, but no one does anything about it. I choose to make a difference. Whether it is talking to parents about “curbing” their helicoptering or helping a young person with their life choices by listening, then presenting options, it’s making the effort that resonates, the “try” if you will, that’s important. I love being part of the village that raises the child and helping other villagers in their quest for parenting sanctuary. My “purpose” is to be an accessible, wise villager.

What is your gift? What is your purpose? Thanks Pablo.